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Flying Jackets, Suits, Gloves, Boots etc.

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'Aero Leather' M-422A Intermediate Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture In Stock 'Aero Leather' M-422A Intermediate Flying Jacket - The origins of the M422A intermediate flight jacket date back to the 1940's and was initially standardised as the M-422 specification by the US Navy in March 1940. It was then modified several times and by October 1943 was known as the AN-J-3A. The M-422A specification was the most widely produced of all the USN intermediate leather flight jackets and it saw action in all theatres in WWII. Post WWII and into the Korean War period the jacket evolved into the G-1 which is the commonly accepted name for the fur-lined-collar jacket issued to and used by the United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

In consultation with a major UK collector he has confirmed this jacket is actually an older reproduction, dating from the 1980's and made by Aero Leather in Scotland. The printed label states 'Jacket Aviators Intermediate Spec MA422A. Bureau of Aeronautics Size 42 Contract No 20477 0683' and manufacturers name 'Aero Leather Co'. To the left breast is a USN leather name tag and whilst now rather faded appears to be named to a Lt Ian M Harris. We speculate the jacket may have belonged to a vet who added the name strip from his original jacket but it could just be a detail to add authenticity when the jacket was made. Interestingly to the left shoulder is an Army Air Force decal that remains in good condition. There is evidence a shield shaped badge has been stitched over this but later removed. The zipper fitted, that looks original to the jacket, is marked 'Ailee' and believe this brand was was used by Aero Leather of Scotland.

The heavy weight leather used on this jacket, which we believe may be goat skin, is in really good shape and no real issues. The brown wool waist knit is also excellent whilst the wrist knits are showing some age and use related wear. Inside features the characteristic burgundy coloured rayon lining and is in exceptional condition and also includes one interior snap fastened pocket. The Mouton fur collar is rather worn as is often the case with these jackets. The storm flap and back of the collar are not stamped with a USN property mark, as sometimes is seen. Size wise this jacket appears to be a genuine 42" chest and the arms are a decent length.

We have a range of extra photographs here so please ask for more details. With our initial description we were unsure if we had an original or older reproduction jacket. We are now pleased to advise, with much appreciated expert external assistance, this is an older replica and the price has been adjusted accordingly.

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AAF Vest, Emergency Sustenance Type C-1 - Click for the bigger picture Sold - Similar Available AAF Vest, Emergency Sustenance Type C-1 - Manufactured by Reliance Mfg Co of Chicargo for a contract awarded to. Sears, Roebuck & Co of Philadelphia. Commonly known as the C-1 survival vest this is in generally good issued condition but showing some age and use related wear to the fabric. The vest is profusely fitted with snap fastening pockets each designed to store specific escape and survival aids ; the pockets are now all empty. In addition the jacket comes complete with a weapons holster fotted with a 'lift the dot' retaining strap. All the pockets are labelled for the original contents. A good set of AAF winged star printed to left breast which is now slightly faded. AAF labelled and with inspection stamps to the inner lining. Button fastening to front and rear adjustment straps. In RAF terms this comprehensive garment would loosely correspond to the RAF Beadon suit and bag system.
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USAAF A-11 Flight Trousers - Click for the bigger picture Sold - Similar Available USAAF A-11 Flight Trousers - A good issued set manufactured by Bobrich Manufacturing Corp, with a 32 waist and a 1944 contract date. Finished in olive drab cotton with full length leg zips, fly zip, zipped side pockets and numerous other pockets. Interestingly the top of the left leg carries stencil detail of the original owner. This is no longer 100% clear but appears to read Simpson G and below 91st F. B. S. which we assume relates to the 91st Fighter Bomber Squadron.

Overall the material is in good condition but with the odd mark and snag associated with an issued item. All of the zips function correctly although the the final 1" of the right side main leg zip zip at the ankle end does not function but is unnoticeable from a display point of view. The alpaca lining is very clean whilst the knitted anklets have minor moth damage. The original leather and fabric braces are fitted. These flight trousers were used in conjunction with with the B-15/B-15A flying jackets and this combination was standardised on the 11th April 1944.

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USAAF A-3 Parachute Harness - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAAF A-3 Parachute Harness - Or to use its full title 'Group 2 (Yellow) Parachute Assembly, Quick Attachable Chest, Type A-3 harness'. This pattern was developed in late 1943 and first saw operational service early in 1944. This example is a really first class replica and whilst used previously in the ownership of a re-enactor is remains in very clean original condition.

Stamped on one of the beige webbing straps, that also feature a central black fleck, is 'Standard Parachute Corp ' and is dated May 1942 together with an AN acceptance stamp in a circle. The buckles and fittings are all made from cast alloy and the harness features the distinctive yellow felt coding to ensure aircrew selected the correct parachute pack from the stores. The A-3 carried the attachment hooks on the harness and the loops were on the pack but to confuse matters on the A-4 the reverse applied so the component parts were definitely not compatible! The set is completed by the correct olive drab pack pad that is nicely stamped 'Back Pad part nos 42D2013 and 'Date of manufacture May 1942' and a further AN acceptance stamp. Originals of these are getting very hard to source now and this is reflected in their price. This replica provides a more economical alternative that will look good dressed on a mannequin or of course for the re-enactor looking for authenticity and it will only improve with usage.
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USAAF A-11A Intermediate Flight Trousers - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAAF A-11A Intermediate Flight Trousers - A very crisp set manufactured by Ben Greenholtz & Co with a 1945 contract date. The waist size is marked at 34". The fabric is all in really good condition and the trousers feature a very crisp Army Air Force decal to the top of the left leg. The pocket section below this, as well as a panel in the rear, is finished in a deeper olive shade than the rest of the garment and this looks like a period a field repair. The set also features a very small patch repair to the back rear panel but clearly these have all been professionally done and actually add to the interest of the garment. All the various zips and snaps are in good shape and functioning and the original leather and fabric braces are still fitted. The A-11 A represented and updated version of the A-11 and first entered service on November 4th 1944 and remained in service until June 4th 1945 when the A-11B variant was introduced which in turn remained an issue items with the AAF and USAF for many years to come. This set certainly tick all the boxes and despite clearly having been issued are in exceptional condition. A Recent Sale
USAAF A-11A Trousers - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAAF A-11A Trousers - Intermediate, Flying. Near mint pair, manufactured 1945 by Stagg Garment Company. Size 32" (82 cm) waist. Warm lined. Very clean AAF stamping - all zips and poppers perfect. It is impossible to find fault with this pair of flight trousers. A Recent Sale
AAF B-15 Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture Sold AAF B-15 Flying Jacket - The B-15 jacket was first introduced in late 1944 to replace the B-10 and remained in service until replaced by the B-15A.The arrival of the jet age in military aviation prompted the need for a new, more modern flight jacket. The B-15 was the lightweight USAF replacement for the previously bulky, leather flight jackets of the WWII era and was the precursor to the MA-1. The B-15 was the first of the USAF synthetic flight jackets. They were an instant success with aviators, as they were far less bulk and considerably more comfortable in the cramped cockpits of the emerging jet fighters. The design of the B-15 introduced many new features including, a pen pocket on the arm, diagonal slash pockets, and with the derivative B-15A a place to clip the oxygen mask when not in use.

This jacket came from a serious UK collector and although we have no way of authenticating the provenance we were told it was purchased from the family of a US Liberator crew member but that is as much as we have got. The fabric shell is in generally good issued condition with just the odd minor snag and light stains. An 8th AF cloth patch is sewn to the left shoulder whilst their in no evidence of a name tag ever being fitted. The classic dark brown mouton collar is in great shape and no sign of moth damage and the fur lined collar strap is still in place. The lining is the classic Alpaca-wool mix and again is in great condition with just minor wear in the shoulder area. The cuffs and waistband appears original to the jacket. The waist knit has some very minor moth nips whilst the cuffs show normal wear and signs of period stitch repairs. The original Conmar brand zip is fitted and runs freely. All the slash pocket snaps are in place and working and is fitted with two interior pockets. No size is marked but we would estimate this jacket is about a 40" chest (102 cm) but like all B-15's is cut short in the waist.

This jacket has clearly only had light use in service and is strong enough for further wear today but would also display very well in an appropriate collection. Like all current stock more detailed pictures are here and available on request.

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USAAF Shoe-Insert - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAAF Shoe-Insert - Flying, Electric type AAF Q-1. To fit inside flying boots in cold conditions in conjunction with the F-3 and F-3a electrically heated suits. Fully stamped, mint unissued condition. A Recent Sale
USAF Flying Suit, Summer type CWU-28/P - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAF Flying Suit, Summer type CWU-28/P - Manufactured in fire resistant Indian orange and made by Kings Point Mfg. The size is marked at 38S. A woven badge is attached to the right breast with a 101 squadron seagull badge (often referred to as dumpster duck) and 102 fighter wing badge to right arm. Captain's shoulder bars are attached. In good issued condition. A Recent Sale
USAAF B-1 Shearling Flight Trousers - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAAF B-1 Shearling Flight Trousers - An original set with label fitted indicating 'Property of Air Force U.S.Army' and manufactured by Perry Sportswear Inc of Newburgh, N.Y. with specification number 94-3085 and A.C.Order nos 4212686 P. The size is marked as Large and the hanging chain is still in place. They are actually in good original condition and the leather is soft and pliable and the shearling lining is sound. They have never had leg pockets fitted. We believe however this set were probably degraded at the end of the war when they came out of service and a knife cut put into into the top right thigh and the braces removed to stop them being re used used ; just one brace strap and buckle remains. We have cemented up the very clean knife cut and they are fine for display and would be ideal on a mannequin. The Conmar zips fitted to the fly and ankles are all original and whilst a little stiff are all functioning correctly. Whilst these are certainly not a mint example we have seen a lot worse and in a scarce large size. A Recent Sale
Jacket Flyers Cold Weather MIL-J-83388E - Click for the bigger picture Sold Jacket Flyers Cold Weather MIL-J-83388E - Featuring a velcro badge to left breast marked with an insignia and below OC and MCWL. Manufactured from 100% Aramid by Alpha Industries Inc. Size is marked Large and we estimate this would fit chest size 42" (107 cm) A Recent Sale
USAAF D-1 Mechanics Shearling Jacket by H.Bernstein & Co - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAAF D-1 Mechanics Shearling Jacket by H.Bernstein & Co - This example is complete with its original label and dates from a 1942 contract and is a medium size. While it has clearly had a tough war it comes with an interesting history. We are selling on behalf of the current owner who's Uncle Maurice served in Burma with the Chindits and in mid 1945 was on the wrong end of a Japanese grenade and took severe shrapnel wounds. Added to this he was suffering from malaria, dysentery and a tropical ulcer and weighing just 7 stone he was invalided back home. He was sent by hospital ship to North Africa but in declining health the crew of a B- 24 took pity on him and offered him a ferry ride home. Due to bad weather they landed at Thorpe Abbotts, where the 100th Bomb Group were serving flying the B-17. While awaiting a lift he was spotted shivering with malaria by a passing USAAF flight mechanic who placed his D-1 over Maurice for the final part of his journey by ambulance. When he finally recovered he tried to return the jacket but found out the owner had been shipped back to the US and was told to keep it. Maurice tried un successfully to contact the GI to thank him for his kindness but failed. The only clue we have to this owner is the name 'Jeep' written in yellow aircraft paint on the left breast, we assume the owners nickname. Post war the jacket was used by the current owner for motorcycle use. The zip is a replacement Lightning and a storm flap has been added at some stage and could be a period modification. It has stitch repairs to the right arm and a seam repair to the left shoulder. While it might be possible to restore as a wearer we feel it is better for the new owner to add to a collection and treasure for its remarkable provenance! A Recent Sale
Blue Angels Blast Off Tie - Click for the bigger picture Sold Blue Angels Blast Off Tie - An impressive item featuring four US Navy blue angels display aircraft with a blue angels shield badge below named to Navy Air Training Command. The tie has a maker's label Ralph Marlin. The tie is dated 1997. A Recent Sale
USAF F-15 Eagle Nomex Tunic - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAF F-15 Eagle Nomex Tunic - An extremely rare suit embroidered to the back with USAF, F-15 Eagle together with a picture of the aircraft. These were issued to the west coast demonstration team which is also embroidered on the back of the garment. The suit is commerically made by Gibson and Barnes and is a Normex IIIA. Size is 38S. Velcro pads to chest and arm but the badges are now absent. A highly collectable suit in excellent condition. A Recent Sale
USAF Flight Suit CWU-27P - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAF Flight Suit CWU-27P - The size is indicated at 44L. The suit has Major's rank badges attached to shoulders. Finished in olive green fabric. Various velcro pads but badges are now absent. Good issued condition. A Recent Sale
USAAF Roughwear B-3 Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAAF Roughwear B-3 Flying Jacket - A classic original WWII flight jacket by perhaps the most famous contractor. This example features the classic veg tanned redskin contrast leather and the label confirms the contract no. 42-511D, dating it to 1942. The size is marked as a 40 regular. The zip is a correct specification Talon replacement. Despite the stunning look of this jacket, it has had extensive repairs and while it will make a perfect example in a collection, it is certainly not strong enough to wear. B-3's are getting increasingly hard to find in any condition. A Recent Sale
Tanker Jacket Combat Winter - Click for the bigger picture Sold Tanker Jacket Combat Winter - While these jackets were issued in WWII to all branches of the US Army, it was favoured by the US armoured troops and acquired the nickname 'tanker jacket'. It also managed to find its way to the air force where it was favoured by flight crews, particularly on the P-38 Lightning where it was found to be less bulky than the standard Shearling jackets. This example is an extremely good replica and would appear from the label to date to 1994 and is named to Taderley Clothes. It has a Talon zip fitted in good working order. The khaki cotton shell is in excellent shape as are the knits. The interior lining is very clean. The label is marked 'size large' but we would estimate it is good for a 40"-42" chest. A perfect jacket for the collector, re-enactor or for general every day wear. A Recent Sale
USAAF A-2 Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAAF A-2 Flying Jacket - A very scarce original WWII issued example. The horse hide leather is in excellent condition and is soft supple with a very nice patina. The waist band is original to the jacket and while it has some minor holes and repairs, it is well above average. The cuff knits are a slightly darker shade of brown and are probably early post war replacements. The original triple marked Talon zip is fitted. There is slight separation to the runner at the base of the zip but seeing it is original, we have decided to leave as it is. The interior fabric lining is in excellent shape with just minor repairs in the collar area. A period patch has also been added and while no label is present, we understand the maker could be Poughaeepsie and would date from around 1942. While the jacket has no sign of a name tag or squadron patch being fitted, the interior lining shows a part of the original owner's name and service number and we are told it was issued to Paul S. Sosovec who was born in 1912 and enlisted in the Army Airforce in Chicago in 1942. This lovely jacket is offered as a collector's item, although we estimate the chest size to be a 40"-42". We would not recommend for regular wear for fear of damaging the zip feed. A Recent Sale
USAAF B3 Flight Jacket - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAAF B3 Flight Jacket - WWII. This original jacket has a great patina and original label confirming contract date 1942. Interestingly, it has a period replacement zip manufactured by Dot and A.M. stamped! Size marked at 36" (92 cm) but seems to fit significantly bigger. We are told this jacket was used on the Monte Carlo Rally in the early 1950's. A Recent Sale
USAAF B3/A3 Flying Suit - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAAF B3/A3 Flying Suit - An interesting modified set with the jacket having an additional left zip pocket. Aluminium eyelets have been added to the collar and waist straps. The label has been cut in half, probably done when the jacket came out of service. The original zip has been replaced by a period Lightning example. The jacket and B3 trousers both have a leather tab with painted name R.E.Benedict, who we assume was the original wartime owner and could not doubt be researched. The A-3 flight trousers are nicely labelled to Perry Sportswear Inc. Newburgh, New York. They are fitted with original braces and the leather is in good condition with a period reinforcement patch fitted in the seat area. The main zips are in poor condition and have been sewn closed to enable the suit to be displayed realistically in a collection. We estimate the jacket to be around a 38" chest (97 cm), whilst the trousers are marked 40R. A Recent Sale
USAAF B-3 Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAAF B-3 Flying Jacket - An original example with woven label confirming a 1943 contract date and size 40" regular. While this jacket does not have a maker's name on the label, the front pocket shows evidence of a label having been fitted which was a unique feature of Rough Wear produced jackets. This example has clearly had a hard working life and the back panel has numerous repair patches fitted but from the front the jacket displays very well with a good vintage patina. The zip has been professionally replaced with a correct specification Talon. Some repairs to collar but correct straps and buckles fitted. Some thinning to fur lining. A Recent Sale
USAAF B3 Shearling Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAAF B3 Shearling Flying Jacket - WWII, lined, c.1943, single right hand pocket, waist straps, contrasting leather on upper arms. Chest size 42" (107 cm). This jacket is about as good as they come - it has a particularly nice patina. It's the best example of the B3 that we've had. A Recent Sale
USN M-422A Jacket - Click for the bigger picture Sold USN M-422A Jacket - or maybe an early G-1? The manufacturer's label is still in place but we can not decipher it - either way, this is an early jacket in excellent condition. The lining has been professionally replaced and the badge is a modern replica; the "Vet" understandably wanted to keep his original squadron badge and name tag. Talon zip fitted and, while the jacket shows some service wear, overall it is in excellent shape. Size is marked at 40" (102 cm) but seems to fit bigger. Knitted cuffs and waist band in good condition with USN stenciled behind the mouton collar. A great example of this classic Navy flight jacket. A Recent Sale
USAAF B-3 Flying Jacket by H L B Corp - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAAF B-3 Flying Jacket by H L B Corp - An orginal example with a 1942 contract date and woven label indicating size 36" regular. The jacket has a nice patina and is in generally good issued condition but some old repairs mainly to left arm. Correct waist and collar straps fitted and fur lining in good condition. We have had the zip professionally repaired with the correct specification Talon example. Hanging strap is absent. A Recent Sale
US WWI Enlisted Man's Winter Tunic - Click for the bigger picture Sold US WWI Enlisted Man's Winter Tunic - Dark olive green wool of standard pattern with stand up collar and black and copper buttons. Left shoulder has red, white and blue roundel insignia. Sadly, both the collar dogs and insignia from above the breast pocket have been removed, although the original stitching remains. The jacket is in exceptional condition with just a couple of small moth holes. The interior is equally clean with tan polish cotton lining and the manufacturer's label to Henry Sonneborn Baltimore and contract no. 4274 B-L dated July 3rd, 1918. Chest size approx. 36" (92 cm). A Recent Sale
USAAF Flying Gloves - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAAF Flying Gloves - WWII, A-9 Winter weight, Shearling lining, mitten/fingers. A Recent Sale
USAAF Type K-1 suit , flying, very light. - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAAF Type K-1 suit , flying, very light. - This pattern of flying suit was standardised in 1944. This example was made by Universal Lifesuit Company in 1945. All zips original and in good order. Feint AAF decal to shoulder. Good issued condition, small size. A Recent Sale
Spalding Leather Flight Suit - Click for the bigger picture Sold Spalding Leather Flight Suit - made in USA c.1930's, some wear but generally in excellent original condition. To fit height 5' 6" (168 cm). A Recent Sale
A-2 Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture Sold A-2 Flying Jacket - Manufactured by the Cooper Defense Contract Division for the USAF. Coopers obtained a contract in 1988 to supply a total of 53, 000 units and we understand this most famous WWII pattern also served with distinction during the first Gulf War. This example has been my personal jacket and was purchased new in 1992. It is in excellent condition and is only for sale as it is now a fraction small! It is sized at 42R (107 cm). No faults and a very wearable A-2, at a time when wartime examples are just too valuable to use on a regular basis. A Recent Sale
USN G1 Intermediate Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture Sold USN G1 Intermediate Flying Jacket - Complete with issue label named to Wilson who flew helicopters with Coastal Command. In excellent original condition with minor service wear. The storm flap has been cut off at some stage (perhaps to remove the USN property mark)and snaps have been added to support the issue flight pants. Finished in a lighter brown leather than other examples we have seen, with brown rayon lining and zip in good working order. Size 107 cms (42"). A Recent Sale
USAAF Shearling Flight Jacket - Click for the bigger picture Sold USAAF Shearling Flight Jacket - lined ANJ4. This jacket, which replaced the B3, is the highest specification of all the Army Airforce jackets of WWII. Chest size 38" (97 cm). A Recent Sale
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