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This page lists any stock that has been added in the last 60 days, together with any "Featured" items in stock.
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RCAF 434 'Bluenose' Squadron Commemorative Flag - Click for the bigger picture New Stock

New Stock - 13 days ago

RCAF 434 'Bluenose' Squadron Commemorative Flag - This one presents a bit of a mystery! It tuned up in a house clearance in Durham back in 2011 when we acquired it and has remained tucked away in our stock room ever since, pending research! The flag which is an RCAF ensign of standard design and similar to the RAF ensign but with the addition of a maple leaf to the centre of the roundel. It is we believe made of nylon and is of the printed variety. What adds special interest is the addition of machined embroidery, picked out in yellow reading WL-K R. C. A. F. Sqd.434 ENGLAND FEB-JULY 1944. 434 Squadron was one of the 15 that were stationed at various airfields in the County of Yorkshire, England as part of RCAF 6 Group. 434 were also known as the "Bluenosers"; the squadron was adopted by the Rotary Club of Halifax, Nova Scotia and took the nickname "Bluenose" in reference to the common nickname for Nova Scotians. The Squadron motto reads "IN EXCELSIS VINCIMUS" which translated means, most approparately, "WE CONQUER IN THE HEIGHTS". Initially formed on 13th July 1943 and based at Tholthorpe but transferred to Croft in December '43 where it remained for the rest of the war. Looking at the map Croft airfield was in County Durham and just 25 miles (40K) from Durham where the flags tuned up, so we surmise these were produced for a commemorative event at Croft at a date unknown.

Our investigation also confirms the Squadron codes used by 434 in WWII were 'WL' so the reference to WL-K appears to relate to an aircraft registration that took us to Halifax V LL179. Sadly it appears this aircraft, piloted by F/Sgt G. Mould, left Croft on the 20th January 1944 on a raid to Magdeburg and was lost, possibly shot down by a night fighter at Muckendorf SW of Berlin, in the early hours of 21 January 1944. Four of the crew including the skipper were sadly killed whilst the navigator, wireless operator and the bomb aimer survived and became POW's. Strangely our commemorative flag is dated 'Feb-July 1944' so after the date Halifax WL-K was lost. If any visitors to the site can clarify this apparent conundrum we will update our listing.

The flag measures 10" x 6" (25 cm x 15 cm) and the flag pole stands 15.5" (39 cm) to the top of the finial. It exhibits minor storage creasing and age related marks and with a slight curvature on the pole but overall it remains in good display condition. We were able to purchase two identical examples and these are priced individually. A total 1374 airmen volunteered to fly with 434 Squadron and of these 347 made the ultimate sacrifice and this emotive item is a lasting reminder of those lost on the final flight of Halifax WL-K.

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Reference Stock Item   Description Price
RAF Magnetic Staff Car pennant Mast - Click for the bigger picture New Stock

New Stock - 14 days ago

RAF Magnetic Staff Car pennant Mast - This is only the second example of one of these we have had in 20 years+ of trading. It was found in a box containing assorted RAF items that originated from Bentley Priory, including the Air Officer Commanding pennant we have just listed, so we surmise this was were it served. This would appear to be post war issue and we are told the magnetic version was used when different staff cars were used, whilst a regular staff car would have had a permanent mast bolted to it.

It is finely engineered with both the finial and mast having a screw thread to aid the attachment of and safely securing the appropriate pennant. The mast is finished in what we believe to be stainless steel and the very strong magnet is enclosed within a rubber base, to avoid any damage to the car's paintwork. We understand these portable examples were good for speeds up to 8o MPH (128 KPH) but we have not as yet tested it on our Somerset roads!

The mast measures 14" from the base to the top of the finial (35.5 cm) and the rubber base is 3.75" diameter (9.5 cm) Please note this listing is for the mast alone and the Air Officer Commanding pennant is for display purposes only, but is listed for sale separately against item 6537. Modern diplomatic magnetic flag pole masts are being advertised currently at £236.81 Ours, which was definitely RAF issue and possibly with interesting provenance, is rather more modestly priced!

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Air Officers Commanding Staff Car Pennant - Click for the bigger picture New Stock

New Stock - 14 days ago

Air Officers Commanding Staff Car Pennant - An exceedingly scarce RAF staff car pennant, that potentially comes with very interesting and historical provenance. It came in a small collection of assorted flags and pennants that were acquired after RAF Bentley Priory closed which were bought by a collector who wanted the two large station flags that were included and we were able to purchase the pennants, including this example, from him.

RAF Bentley Priory was a non-flying Royal Air Force station near Stanmore in the London Borough of Harrow. In May 1926, Inland Area (Training Command), a part of the organisation of the Air Defence of Great Britain (ADGB) moved into the Priory from Uxbridge. In July 1926, it was renamed 'Training Command' and transferred to Market Drayton in Shropshire. The RAF then began to grow in size and so the organisational base expanded with it and the foundations were laid for an air defence system, which proved to be well in advance of the force it was shortly to oppose during the Battle of Britain. The RAF was radically reorganized with the creation of Bomber, Coastal, Fighter and Training Commands. The existing ADGB was dissolved and RAF Fighter Command emerged on 14th July 1936. It left Hillingdon House, at RAF Uxbridge and moved to Bentley Priory, led by its first Air Officer Commanding Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding. Fighter Command Headquarters remained at the Priory until its merger with the other operational commands in 1968 and the station was disbanded and the site finally closed on 30th May 2008. Today a fine Battle of Britain Museum operates from the site (well worth a visit) including the office of ACM Sir Hugh Dowding, as final pics atttached.

Our pennant is of multi piece construction in very heavy silk weave. Finished with an RAF pale blue cloth background with a sewn on RAF roundel attached, overlayed with a yellow astral crown. These pennants were entitled to be flown only by four specific groups of senior RAF officers :

-Air Officers Commanding (AOC) and Air Headquarters.

-Commandant RAF College, Cranwell.

-Commandant General RAF Regiment (but only when visiting RAF and Army units in an official capacity).

-Director Women's Royal Air Force (WRAF) (but only when making official visits and inspections).

Staff Car pennants were never dated and it is therefore hard to prove their exact age. Seeing however this is made to the wartime specification and Dowding was appointed Air Officer Commanding of Fighter Command on 14th July 1936 and backed up by its apparent source, it is a possibility this pennant was issued to and flown by Dowding but of course this is impossible to prove. Whatever its actual history it remains in fine condition, is guaranteed original (unlike many of the fakes now appearing on E bay) and would sit very happily in a top end RAF or Battle of Britain Collection. It measures 12" x 6" (30.5 cm x 15 cm). The roundel is 4 1/2" diameter (11.5 cm).

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RAF Staff Car Pennant - Click for the bigger picture New Stock

New Stock - 15 days ago

RAF Staff Car Pennant - Acquired from the same source as the other example we have just listed, this one is constructed from man made fabric, with an embossed RAF roundel, so clearly a post war example. Like the other, these were flown from official RAF staff cars of Section or Station Commanders, of the ranks of Wing Commander and above.

The pennant is in flown condition, with some wear to the reinforced fabric, caused by flag pole and it also exhibits some staining and light soiling to the pennant surface. Our view is this adds to the authenticity of the item and unlike the many fake RAF ensigns currently listed on E bay we are happy to guarantee that this one has seen issued and seen RAF service. Measures 12.5"x5.75" (31.5 cm x 14 cm).If you are lucky enough to own an RAF staff car, this example being of lighter constructuion, will actually fly at a lower speed than the woven example also listed today.

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RAF Staff Car Pennant - Click for the bigger picture New Stock

New Stock - 15 days ago

RAF Staff Car Pennant - These were flown from official RAF staff cars of Section and Station Commanders of the rank of Wing Commander and above. It is made from woven fabric finished in RAF blue with an embroidered RAF roundel stitched to the centre. The flag staff side is reinforced with leather to prevent wear to the fabric. We understand on RAF owned staff cars the flag pole was fitted by means of a screw in the base plate that was permanently attached to the vehicle. On lease cars the flag pole was attached via a magnetic base, so it could be easily removed depending on who was being driven.

This example remains in remarkably good flown condition with just very minor age wear. Unlike most of the fake RAF ensigns currently being offered as originals on E bay we can give a money back assurance this one is the real deal so you can buy with confidence. These are difficult to date but post war examples tended to be of nylon with an embossed roundel, so we would estimate this fine example dates from circa WWII or the early post war period. The pennant is double sided and measures 12.5"x 5.75" (31 cm x 14.5 cm) and the roundel is about 4.5" diameter (11 cm). The last one of these we offered was sold back in 2014 so grab this opportunity whilst you can!

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