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Ship's Mast with Stainless Steel Fitting Kit and Accessories - Click for the bigger picture

Ship's Mast with Stainless Steel Fitting Kit and Accessories

Here we have a unique opportunity to appeal to architects, interior designers, or those contemplating their own "Grand Design" project! We have been fortunate in purchasing a strictly limited quantity of ship's masts that were intended for use in an overseas retail interior design scheme that reflected the nautical look. To this end, the company who won the contract to make these items was a genuine ship's mast manufacturer - the laminated design used is identical to that employed on traditional sailing ship's masts. The round timber section is made from best quality Redwood and is laminated from 8 sections with a hollow interior. The base plate is made from 8mm stainless steel and is complemented by two stainless facia panels made from polished stainless steel to again reflect the nautical theme. When used in store, a Redwood cross beam (100mm x 45mm) was mounted on the stainless steel 16 gauge wall bracket (which is included with this set), which in turn was fitted through the slot cut in the top section of the mast and was then locked in position by a beautifully engineered stainless wedge. We do not have any cross beams remaining, but these are an off-the-shelf item although it is likely the new owners of these masts may wish to adapt them to their own use and spaces.

Whilst these were manufactured back in the late 1990's, they are brand new and have never been used and became surplus when the design scheme was replaced. We have now sold the final stock of the mint and boxed masts but we still currently have x17 unboxed examples where aspects of the timber have minor storage issues resulting in the odd scratch to the mast's finish, so we are describing these as "seconds" but this would be very easy to tidy up where required. To reflect the condition we have reduced the list price to just £50.00 a set to include the stainless steeel fitting kits. We would imagine these would sit equally well in a marine themed environment, a wine bar, restaurant, club house, or in a loft space. The applications are as wide as your imagination! We do not exaggerate to say the original purchase price of a single set back in the late 1990's was close to £1,000 a time so our current price represents a 95% discount! Quite clearly this is a one off opportunity and when these last few sets are gone they are gone.

Each mast stands 2030mm (80") to the base of the slot and the total height including the base to the top of the mast is 2500mm (98.5"). In view of their size, these are offered at an ex-warehouse price with the buyer being responsible for collection and delivery. Clearly final use is up to the end user, but these kits were designed for interior use and we believe this would remain the most appropriate application for them.

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